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Moving Tips & Advice

Ideal home storage in Dubai offers the best services of advice in free of cost to help the peoples for storage in Dubai or moving in Dubai either shifting from one place to another or shipment your stuff to other we advice you here for movers in Dubai:

  • Plan your storage layout in advance to make the most of your storage unit.
  • Pack all your delicate items carefully using tissue or bubble wrap.
  • Remove batteries from electrical equipment.
  • When storing furniture or clothing, check drawers and pockets for forgotten food or perishable items.
  • Fill drawers and closets with other smaller items to save space.
  • Anything that you may need to access should be stored to the front of the unit.
  • Use masking tape to seal boxes and bags to keep the contents dust free.
  • Pack lighter items on top of heavier ones.
  • Protect the corners of your furniture with bubble wrap or similar.
  • padding to avoid chipping during transportation.
  • Ensure all items are clean and dry before storing.
  • You may not store anything illegal, hazardous or inflammable in our facilities.

Moving Guide

Moving can be a stressful time. Whether you’re hiring local movers, interstate movers, international movers or moving yourself across town, the moving options you select can result in stress from start to finish. That’s why The Lockable Storage provides a complete range of moving services and information – so you’ll have a much better chance for a smooth move.

Local Moving and Interstate Moving

A local move option, means a shipment of goods where the origin and destination are within the same state and less than approx 100 miles apart.

Moves that are still within the same state but are more than 99 miles from origin to destination are considered intrastate moves or state to state moves.

A move where household goods travel across state lines – regardless of the distance – is known as and interstate move option.

More Moving Services

Movers relocating overseas will want to visit our International Moving section for information on overseas moving and a form you can use to request free quotes from international movers. Need moving tips to move a car or other vehicle? Check out our auto transport page!

Moving Estimates

It takes just a few minutes to request multiple estimates from moving companies…there’s no obilgation… you just complete one form online…it’s real easy… the moving companies are pre-screened…we don’t share your information with anyone except the moving companies we contact to provide your estimates…and, best of all…these moving company estimates are FREE!